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Evaluation Information

About Evaluations: The idea behind evaluations or tryouts is that players are best served by being placed on teams with players of a similar ability. The Canadian Soccer Association and BC Soccer, our governing bodies, mandate that we begin selection of teams at the U11 level for boys and the U10 level for girls, for developmental reasons.  Evaluation observations are given to every child participating in each specific age group and all are given a fair evaluation and opportunity to play at the level they desire.

We have been establishing and creating an identity based on inclusion that does not follow the status quo. Our identity is centered around our technical development plan which can be found on our website at http://www.southdeltaunitedsoccerclub.com/technical-development-plan/. It is our ambition for SDU to progress each and every season and with that in mind, this season we will be eliminating YEAR END TRYOUTS.

For far too long we have seen the detrimental effects of tryouts on children. Tryouts create an environment of anxiety and unneeded stress for youth. We want to provide the players of SDU the best possible experience and a 1-2 night tryout does not provide them with an opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities and does not accurately reflect the strengths of your sons and daughters.

This season we have developed and implemented SEASON LONG OBSERVATIONS by establishing trust between technical & academy staff and our volunteer coaches by communicating openly on the areas for development of each individual player. We have requested the volunteer coaches submit observation forms on their players in 3 phases throughout the season including their observations of both practices and games. These forms will aid us in forming not only the select teams but also assist us in striving for balanced teams at the house levels for next season.


Players will be assessed over the year based on the following criteria in order of importance:

1- “Coachability”

2- Technique

3- Small Group Tactics

4- Athleticism

5- Competitiveness

House Players

House level players may show some or most of the characteristics listed above, but still may not meet Rep level criteria. Players develop continuously. For example, a player may show very good passing ability in an unopposed training drill, but in a competitive environment they may not understand when to pass to a teammate’s feet, or into space.

  • For players new to SDU, or a player entering the club mid-season, it will be at the sole discretion of the SDU Technical Staff to decide whether that player is a rep level player in respect to the other kids currently playing at a rep level within the age group. Also, as stated, the evaluation process is ongoing. A player not selected for one of the SDU Select Teams may be given the opportunity to train or play for one of the select teams during the following season based on their development in one of the five areas listed above.

    Players not interested in playing on a Rep team will be placed on a House Team in August as the season approaches.

    Role of the Technical Director
    The Technical Director will oversee the evaluation process to ensure the selections are honest and fair. The Technical Director and Head of Player Development will monitor evaluation feedback and provide input to evaluators as well as facilitate discussions before finalizing selections.


    Notification & Registration For South Delta United Soccer Club

    Rep team rosters will be posted to the club website.

    U10 - U12 before Spring Break

    U13 - U18 after Spring Break

    Players that have been selected will be notified by email or phone call, at the discretion of the volunteer Head Coach(es). It is also at the discretion of those Head Coaches as to whether they will call individual players or all of the players not selected. The club will not allow technical staff to be called at home. Please use the below email address for questions like – why did my child not make the team? what are they missing? what should they work on for next year? Any abuse of technical staff or volunteer coaches will not be tolerated by the SDU.

    Email: TechnicalDir@southdeltaunitedsoccerclub.com

    Once players are notified through email, phone call, or posting on the club website that they have been selected for a team they must respond within 24 hours if they are accepting the position otherwise risk losing their spot. All players selected to the team must be willing to give a full commitment to the team they are selected for. The commitment level and time will be 2 training sessions per week and 1 game on the weekend. Boys will play Saturdays. Girls will play Sundays. All players selected to the team must be willing to give a full commitment to the team that they are selected for.

    SDU Playing up Policy
    As a general rule SDU players will play within their own age group. Taking into account the players’ physical and social development, exceptions may be considered. The club recognizes that, although rare, some talented players may exist that are physically and psychologically ready to be considered for the next age level within the club’s competitive team structure. It will be at the discretion of the Technical Director and Head of Player Development as to whether a player will be permitted to move into the older age group. The decision will be made based on the players’ performance throughout the previous season at practice and during games.


    Mark Rogers
    Technical Director

    Rich Zahn

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South Delta United Soccer Club’s primary focus is to provide a total, well-rounded and positive soccer experience for the player, coach, referee, and parent.  All SDU programming is put together with the CSA's Long Term Player Development Plan in mind.

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