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Practice Schedules

Below is the practice schedule for Fall 2018/19 season.

These allocations begin Tuesday, September 4th after Labour Day for U10-U18 teams

U5-U9 teams will begin practices the week of September 10.

Training Schedule Sept 2

Please find information below regarding the use of the warm-up area on the turf at Dugald Morrison and Winskill prior to the start of your team training sessions.

Priority for space in the warm up area is given to teams preparing for their session on the turf.

As you transition from the warm up space onto the field, please take your equipment and player's possessions and place them on the sideline or the dugouts.  This prevents teams’ equipment from becoming mixed up, and players left unable to find their stuff.

General Guidelines:

  • Warm-up area should be used for dynamic/SAQ style warm-up, or controlled dribbling / ball control type sessions.
  • Avoid running game style sessions which incorporates balls going into other grids as well as the use of a large space.
  • Do not send your team running laps around the turf, as invariably they cut into / through other teams practice space.
  • It is important to respect the teams during their allotted time slot and allow them to finish their practice before moving onto the field. At the same time, please wrap up your session at the allotted time so the teams moving onto the pitch can begin right away.
  • Teams should not be warming up or doing fitness on the grass fields. We need to preserve the grass to keep it in top condition as we move into the wet season. At Holly, please confine your warm up to the grass area beside / behind the equipment shed, and not on the grass pitch itself.

We ask that teams work together to support the use of the warm-up area.  Common sense should always prevail.

If you have any questions, please contact your coordinator.


About South Delta Utd

South Delta United Soccer Club’s primary focus is to provide a total, well-rounded and positive soccer experience for the player, coach, referee, and parent.  All SDU programming is put together with the CSA's Long Term Player Development Plan in mind.

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