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Referee Feedback

CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is an important tool in the ongoing development of our young officials.  Please take the time to provide any information that will help our head referee group mentor and develop our younger members.

Please remember - our referees are learning, the same as our young players.   Praise is just as important as criticism.  If the official did a good job, please take the time after the game to tell them so.

South Delta United has a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse of our referees, and will support the removal from the sidelines any coach or parent that fails to adhere to the Codes of Conduct.


Please provide some specific information on the form below:

  • Referee's name (if unknown, your age group and field you were playing on will allow us to find out who the official was)
  • Was the official on time, dressed appropriately?
  • Did the official complete all pre-game checks (nets, field, players)
  • Did the official keep up with the play?
  • Did the official maintain control of the game?
  • Did the official use fair, unbiased judgement in their calls?
  • Were any yellow or red cards issued?
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South Delta United Soccer Club’s primary focus is to provide a total, well-rounded and positive soccer experience for the player, coach, referee, and parent.  All SDU programming is put together with the CSA's Long Term Player Development Plan in mind.

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