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SDU Academy Information

What is SDU Academy?

SDU Academy is an extra training environment for players who want to accelerate their development! Players of any skill level are welcome. Please be aware that SDU Academy is a tiered training environment. Players will be assessed and placed in groups with other players of equal or similar ability. This may mean that you child will be asked to train with players in an older age group depending on their current level of play. These groups change with frequency dependant on the current development level of the player. For example, a player may start in the tier 3 group and progress up to the tier 1 group depending on how they develop throughout the season. The amount of “tiers” is dependant on the number of players registered in a particular age group.


When is SDU Academy?

SDU Academy will take place Monday evenings from September to March, as follows:

September 17 through November 26 (no academy on October 8 - Thanksgiving)

January 7 through March 4 (no academy on February 18 - Family Day)


 What are the training times for SDU Academy?

 **Please be aware that these training times might change slightly due to imbalanced registration numbers at different age groups.


U5 (2014 born) 5:15-6pm

U6 (2013 born) 5:15-6pm

U7 (2012 born) 5:15-6pm

U8 (2011 born) 5:15-6:10pm

U9 (2010 born) 6:15-7:15pm

U10 (2009 born) 6:15-7:15pm

U11 (2008 born) 6:15-7:15pm

U12 (2007 born) 7:30-8:30pm

U13 (2006 born) 7:30-8:30pm


Where is SDU Academy?

Dugald Morrison Turf, Ladner


What is PDS?  For U8 (2011 born) and U9 (2010 born) Boys and Girls Parents

  •  PDS stands for “Premier Development Series”.
  • It is a league of play for the more advanced players in the U8 (2011 born) and U9 (2010 born) age groups.
  • SDU PDS teams play against other clubs from the South Fraser District (Delta and Surrey). There are no league standings.
  • For players who are interested in participating in the PDS, the parents must first register their child in the SDU Academy. We will then assess the suitability of the player to play at that level.
  • We do not consider these “teams”. Instead they are groups of players who will have an opportunity to play PDS if they are suitable to the level of play. These players will also be registered on a house team within their age group.
  • Depending on registration numbers, we might have a 15-20 player pool of players for a certain PDS age group. Each week a group of 8-10 players is selected to represent SDU in their age group. the remaining players would play for their house team. If there is not a PDS game conflict with the SDU house game schedule, we encourage your child to play in both the PDS game (if selected that week) and the SDU house game.
  • Due to the very young age of these players, we do not want to select and remove a small group of players. It is important that we give the opportunity to develop to as many of these players as possible.


What do the players need to wear?

 Players who register for academy must be aware that they are expected to wear club training gear. An SDU Training jersey is included with each registration.  This can be purchased from the online club store, at THIS LINK.



In addition to the regular Academy sessions, SDU goalkeeper coach Helmut Wiebe will be working with our young 'keepers to give them the chance for some professional training.    Sessions will run alongside regular Monday night Academy.


U9 - U11   6:15-7:15pm

U12 - U15  7:30-8:30pm


What does the Academy cost? 

SDU Monday Night Academy: $290.00  which includes an SDU Training shirt.

SDU Goalkeeper Academy: $290.00 which includes a pair of GK gloves.

$20.00 sibling discount.